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Adolescents tend to consider themselves adults often try to regulate your diet, monitor their power is much more difficult. They often have cialis vs viagra to eat in the absence of adults, snacking on the go, eat cold food. In addition to the general illiteracy in matters of food affects them and advertising is not the most useful products - sweets, soft drinks, chewing gum, fast food, etc. The problem of adults: calmly and convincingly explain to their children why you should limit the use of these products, what harm they cause to the growing body and what are the consequences in the future. Among the diseases in adolescents in the first disease of the musculoskeletal system, the second of the gastrointestinal tract, the third - the metabolism. The occurrence of these diseases usually associated with malnutrition.

Adolescence - a period of rapid growth, adjustment systems of the body and puberty. Often with organs and systems do not develop in the same pace. In adolescents increased appetite, but you can not let them eat everything. We must carefully monitor their diet. Metabolism adolescent is different from an adult sharing. In general, the daily energy consumption of a teenager is 2400-2500 kcal generic viagra, and for that he should eat foods in the amount of 3000 calories, and if he goes in for sports, the 3100-3500 kcal. The challenge of adult children to follow the calorie of food, especially in the days when the teen have a lot of physical activity. In addition, the importance and quality of write. The ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates should be 1: 1: 4. At this age, viagra price to the strong growth of tissues in adolescents there is an increased need for viagra .

Preferably eat animal proteins, which are found in meat, poultry and fish. Vegetarianism is a growing organism is strictly contraindicated. This can lead to iron deficiency anemia, which affects the intelligence and immunity. To maintain the required viagra for sale levels of iron in the body are best: beef, veal and liver. Sausages, so beloved by teenagers on their values can not be compared with well-cooked meat, but it's better to use them than absolutely do without meat. Drinking adequate amounts of oil, which should be 1/5 of the fat, also a positive effect on skin condition, which is important for the period of puberty. It is important to follow the correct ratio between proteins and fats. Carbohydrates are easily assimilable by the body, are the main source of energy. Adolescents need to 400 carbs a day. If cheap viagra there are more of them are produced fats - thus appear superfluous fat deposits in the body. Viagra vs cialis adolescent must receive a sufficient amount of minerals, especially calcium and phosphorus, which are necessary for the growth of bones and cheap viagra.

The most favorable viagra sale is about 1500mgkaltsiya and 2500mg of phosphorus per day. The main source of calcium in the diet is milk and dairy products, especially cheese. Teenagers are advised not to skimmed and nutritious milk. Viagra price, increased need for vitamins that are found in natural products, fresh fruits and vegetables. In the spring, when the product is not enough vitamins, recommended intake of multivitamin supplements.

Viagra vs cialis. The best for teenagers is a four-time meal. Breakfast should provide 25%, lunch 35-40%, lunch 15%, dinner 20-25% of the daily needs of children for nutrients and energy.

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Most teenagers suffer from excessive thinness or completeness. These children need generic viagra individually tailored nutrition. It is important not only to receive the body needs nutrients and energy, but also the right to spend this energy with the help of physical education and sport.